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Larry Semon Film Prints Wanted

Spanish 8mm, Super8mm or 16mm-releases:
Bronca en la granja (=The Barnyard)
Todo un hombre (=The Gown Shop)
Jaimito entre contrabandistas (=The Agent)
El terror de la calle/Jugando a carambolas (=Horseshoes, released in 2 parts)
Se bebe e se vive (=Trouble Brewing)
Por meterse a redentor and /or Jaimito Don Juan (=Humbugs & Husbands)
Jaimito juez (=The Rent Collector)
Claudia Sassen Golpes y estrellas (=Dew Drop Inn)
Jaimito conquistador (Super8, 60m-release of Plaques & Puppy Love?)

Italian 8mm, Super8mm or 16mm-releases:
2nd part of „Ridolini in cantiere“ (Istituto Europa-release). Title of 2nd part unknown. (=2nd part of Solid Concrete)
Any print of Larry's one-reelers.
Almost any print of Larry's two-reelers.

Italian Ridolini-comics
-complete red series (reprints) at ≤ € 100,-
-complete 1st series (large format reprints) at ≤ € 100,-

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